Top 5 Free Peer to peer Services

File sharing products provide an easy, reliable way to share files. In addition, they help in synchronizing data around desktops, mobile phones, and cloud servers. Unlike email, they also enable you to set permissions so that just people who you want can easily access the files can do so.

Selecting the best file sharing company is essential to keeping your computer data safe and secure, consequently it’s necessary to make sure that you choose one which is designed for your needs. Below are a few of the best absolutely free file sharing solutions on the market:

Google Drive

Google Drive can be an online storage solution that gives a wide variety of data file types and facilitates many different types. This makes it a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to store their data online and can get on from anywhere at any time.


DropBox may be a file-sharing product that allows you to synchronize your documents with desktop computers, laptops, and mobile phones. You can even arranged permissions so that only users considering the correct qualifications can get your data.


A further popular peer to peer service, Sendspace is a simple, drag and drop solution. Now you can upload the file you want to share, add your recipient’s email address, and struck send! The file can now be sent to your recipient which has a download link.


Some other well-known file and cloud-sharing services, JumboMail allows you to send documents up to 2 GB for free without signing up an account. However , if you want to boost the publish potential, you need to upgrade to the Pro plan.

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